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Why Work with a Real Estate Professional

Professional Assessment

The analysis of a company´s real estate requirements is a process of multiple variables with high technical criteria. We offer you a professional assessment that allows you to generate a tailored occupancy strategy, which achieves cost reduction and a true optimization of your workspace.

market research

When negotiating lease contracts, it´s ideal to have relevant market information, such as: closing prices, availability, new inventory, etc. We have a market research department which; through the collection, analysis and evaluation of specific data for your business, will help you achieve the best conditions in your contracts.

added value

Our tenant representation service is personalized and tailored to each project, it results in significant financial savings, and does not represent a cost for our clients.

extensive portfolio

We have a broad track record of success stories with corporate clients throughout the Central American region, this gives us the ability to generate business cases with the highest standards.

occupation strategies

We execute each phase of a tenant’s occupation strategy, from the analysis of buying and/or renting, to the inspection of the final delivered space.

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